V-Gard Frames

V-Gard Frames

V-Gard Frames

The standard slotted frame works ideally with any MSA slotted  helmet. The universal frame featuring a heavy-duty, flat, rubber strap can be used with slotted and non-slotted MSA helmets.  With the unique sloped frame design material slides off the frame and out of site. The optional debris control creates a tight seal between helmet and frame. The elevated temperature versions withstand temps up to 350ºF (176ºC).

Unique 3-point visor loading to fit and remove visors quickly

Sloped design allows material to easily slide off the frame

Works with or without ear muffs

Perfect Compatibility with many half-mask respirators and more

Various visor versions to suit all applications

Non-metal construction for use in electrical applications

Replaceable, optional debris control creates tight seal between frame and helmet

Universal= Heavy-duty, flat, rubber strap for easy and secure placement on MSA slotted and non-slotted  helmets

ET frames are tested to temperatures of 350˚F (176.7˚C), reducing warping, cracking or crazing.

ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010


EN 166

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