Daniamant Lj Light M3

Daniamant Lj Light M3

Daniamant Lj Light M3

The low-profile Daniamant DAN W3 Lifejacket Light is a single compact flashing unit. The light is emitted through an ultra-low-profile dome, making it less susceptible to damage during evacuation.

Easily fitted with two different backing plates, one which goes over a thin strap and one that goes over a 5cm belt. This is the automatic version of the Daniamant DAN M3. The light activates automatically when in water and can be turned off manually, if required. The light has the same attachment arrangement as the DAN M3 model.

Minimum 0.75 candela output for minimum of 8 hour duration

Automatically activated when in water

Can be deactivated manually

Features an ultra-low-profile dome making the light less susceptible to damage during evacuation

Easy to fit

Includes two different backing plates

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